Solid Wood Cabinet Doors

maple wood example


cherry wood example


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Select Alder

Rustic Alder Wood example

Rustic Alder

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Sapele Wood example


Cabinet Cures offers ¾” solid wood cabinet doors in a variety of wood species. Real wood cabinet doors and mouldings allow allow the natural beauty of your cabinets to shine. Variations of color and grain pattern matched with the clarity of your Cabinet Cures finish will give your kitchen a beautiful custom look. We currently stock select maple, paint grade maple, select cherry, rustic cherry, select alder, rustic alder, hickory and Sapele.

paint grade maple

Paint-Grade Maple Wood

We also use this maple for our tinted lacquers. The hardness of the maple and lack of grain are perfect for applying tinted lacquer, creating a very smooth, durable finish. Because our tinted lacquer is completely opaque, we use paint-grade wood that has less color consistency. With durability and finish not affected, paint-grade maple is the perfect option for our lacquers.

select maple wood

Select Maple Wood

Maple is a large family of wood that grow all over the world. Our select maple is a hard wood with minimal grain. The wood color is a creamy, pale yellow with strong consistency. Hand picked for this consistency, select maple is the perfect choice if you are interested in a more subtle wood species that will not overpower the stain.

rustic alder wood

Rustic Alder Wood

With many large knots and prominent grain, rustic alder is valued for its unique characteristics. Knots can be relatively small or large and go completely through the wood, creating holes. Some doors may have little in the way of knots and grain. Others may be covered. Lighter stains are preferred on Rustic Alder to let the wood itself be the focus. If you have a southwest themed kitchen or a cabin-style, Rustic Alder may be the perfect wood for you.

select alder wood

Select Alder Wood

Alder is a species of trees that grows primarily in the northern temperate climate. It has a smooth, straight grain and a great staining surface. Its natural color is a light brown with reddish undertones, taking stains darker than our maple. Because it is a softer wood and lighter in weight, care should be taken to not dent or damage the surface.

select cherry wood

Cherry Wood

A timeless wood species, Cherry Wood is a hardwood with a satin texture and beautiful, smooth grain variation. Not to be mistaken for a Cherry stain, the wood color is reddish brown and darkens with age and sunlight exposure. Because of this, Cherry Wood is ideal for darker stains and takes to stain with a regal, warm tone.

select sapele wood

Sapele Wood

Also known as Sepelli or Sepele Mahogany, Sepele is a tree native to tropical Africa. This hardwood is considered similar to mahogany and a modern replacement for the now endangered species. With a ribbony grain and a wood color from golden to dark reddish brown, it is wood we recommend a natural stain on. Sapele Wood is a perfect answer to a modern kitchen.

select hickory wood

Hickory Wood

Hickory is a hardwood tree native to North America, China, Southeast Asia, and India. Traditionally used for applications that required strength, Hickory Wood is a great choice for a unique, custom kitchen look. It’s wood color is a medium brown with golden highlights and with intense color variation. The grain is primarily straight with a medium texture. Perfect for a cabin or country home, this is a wild and unique, custom look.

If you have any questions about the wood species we carry or what would look best in your kitchen, contact one of our kitchen designers to go over our options with you. We are happy to help you during the planning phase of kitchen refacing with us.