Learn Kitchen Designer Tips From The Experts

More than 30 years of professional experience in the cabinet refacing industry has made Cabinet Cures an expert in creating beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. Let the experts teach you about the current trends with kitchen designer tips. These videos talk about ways to make useless space in your kitchen have purpose while keeping with the times.


Deco Panels

Deco panels can tie otherwise flat, blank spaces into the rest of the kitchen by having similar style as your cabinet doors. If you are using our high-end custom glazes with cabinet refacing, adding deco panels allows for us to apply the glaze in otherwise blank spaces to tie the kitchen together.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Learn about the professional designer secret of glass cabinet doors and why they add value to your kitchen. We provide a variety of styles of glass to choose from when refacing your cabinets with a couple glass doors.

Mix 'n Match Colors

Here Cabinet Cures Refacing steps you through several options when remodeling your kitchen. Popular choices of Mix ‘n Matching colors includes light upper cabinets and darker lower cabinets or the kitchen island using a contrasting stain or glaze.

Lower Cabinet Door-to-Drawer Conversion

Cabinet Cures will show you new ways to gain more kitchen storage. The advantages of converting lower cabinet doors to banks of drawers are worth it!

Cubby Conversion, Wine Rack, and Countertops

Learn how to get rid of old 90’s kitchen styles with our refacing strategies. Simple conversions can create a world of difference in a kitchen.