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Easy Steps to Remodel Your Bathroom

When people think of remodeling the one room that is forgotten most of the time is the bathroom. It is sometimes thought to be the hardest room to redo because of all the plumbing and features that are used on a daily basis. Here are seven easy steps for remodeling a bathroom.

  1. Start with refacing your cabinets. This is a simple step and the style of your cabinets can set the feel for the whole room.
  2. Look at the trends that you would like to explore. Trending bathroom styles today include glass tiles, subways tiles, bold colors, in-floor heating, framed mirrors and even steamed showers. Pick out what will work best for your home and budget.
  3. Repaint the walls to fit your style choice.
  4. Don’t forget to refinish the trim around the floors and windows, This can often be forgotten.
  5. Add more storage to the room. Bathrooms are often missing the storage that is needed for the space.
  6. Replace fixtures around the bathroom and the hardware on the cabinets. You will be surprised to see how much this can change the look to the room.
  7. Finally, accessorize, this is the fun part. This is where you can pick colors and styles for the seasons and change them out as often as you like.

Bathroom remodeling projects can be overwhelming. If you stick to these tips it should start you well on your way to the bathroom that you have always wanted.