Update your Style without Changing your Cabinet Doors

When you know that it is time to change your cabinets and you don’t know what to do there are many options out there to choose from. One that you may not have heard of is to glaze your cabinets. Having glazed cabinets will give you an updated look or change the mood of your kitchen without changing out the doors or drawer boxes in your current cabinets.

There are a huge variety of glaze colors and styles. Often, this technique is used to give you an old or antiqued look to complete the appeal of a newly designed kitchen. It can change not only the look but also the mood of the kitchen.

glazed cabinet doors counter island portland cabinet cures

You can glaze these yourself, but it takes a lot of time and effort to clean the cabinets, removing the doors, prepping, glazing, and reconstructing the cabinets. If this seems like a lot of work that you do not have the time to complete, there is always another option for you. Portland Cabinet Cures can reface or refinish your cabinets for you. It is easy and very cost friendly, letting you spend your time on other projects you may have to do around the home.

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