Cabinet Refacing vs Cabinet Refinishing

The kitchen stands out as a main room in the home, bringing friends and family together for cooking, eating, and conversation. Being one of the most utilized areas of the kitchen, cabinets are particularly vulnerable due to their durability and constant use. Between normal wear-and-tear, chips, scratches, and fading of paint and stains, cabinets take a beating. Over time, your cabinets will need something to refresh their look. The two highest quality, economical options are cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing.

Although similarly named, refacing and refinishing are different methods of updating your cabinets without the need of a full kitchen remodel. If the cabinet box itself is still in good condition, cabinet refacing and refinishing are your best options available.

Cabinet refacing covers up your old cabinet box with new wood and replaces the doors, drawer fronts. Refacing makes your kitchen look completely new. Cabinet refinishing, however, only removes and refinishes the current doors and cabinets you have without replacing anything. After, we reinstall your original doors and drawer fronts when finished.

Both are great options, so how do you know which is right for your kitchen?

before and after all wood glazed

These are some questions to ask yourself when thinking about updating your cabinets:

What is the condition of my doors and drawers?

Are your cabinet doors are of low quality? Are the cabinets chipped/nicked, scratched, or completely worn out? Cabinet refacing is the best option for you. Low quality or poor condition cabinet doors should be replaced and will not hold up to proper refinishing. If you have high quality cabinet doors that are in great shape, cabinet refinishing may be a good option for you.

Am I happy with the size and layout of my kitchen?

If you are happy with the size and layout of your kitchen, both cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing are great options for you. If you want to add additional cabinets, cabinet refacing will be necessary to blend the cabinets seamlessly into the rest of your kitchen.

Do I like the door style and wood species of my cabinets?

If you cabinet style is outdated or you are looking for a new look for your kitchen, cabinet refacing is the answer. You can only change the color of your cabinets if you choose cabinet refinishing, as they will be the same wood species and style.

What is my budget?

Cabinet refinishing costs less than cabinet refacing but there are both condition and aesthetic restrictions when considering cabinet refinishing. Not all kitchen cabinets can be refinished.

So Which Do You Choose?

Your home may well be the single largest investment you make in your life. Protect and increase your investment by making the correct choice with your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The majority of what you see when looking at cabinets are the cabinet doors. Having beautiful, high quality doors that last generations are a must. Often, cabinet doors will not the quality needed nor in good enough shape for refinishing. If you are going for a rustic look in your kitchen, worn cabinets may work!

Our design consultants at Cabinet Cures will be able to go over all options with you during your in-home consultation. If you are ready to take the plunge into updating your cabinets, contact us for more information and schedule a consultation today by giving us a call at 503–598–4696 or filling out our consultation form!

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