large open kitchen with blue island portland cabinet cures
Kitchen Ideas and Updates

When the time comes to update your kitchen, paint color is one of the most important components you should think about. Here are some helpful tips to make you think when picking out the paint color for your new kitchen.

  • Adding the right color will liven up the room
  • Current color trends: yellows, browns, tans, and grays
  • Kitchen cabinets will take up 50% or more of your wall space. This makes the wall paint on the remaining walls become important accent pieces to complement the main color of the room
  • If you have maple wood, dark paints, such as forest green, will work well together
  • For oak cabinets look for colors like soft blue-grays
  • Traditional cherry wood will look well with light or even bright colors
  • The whole kitchen does not need to have a loud stand-out color. If these colors are not what you want to emphasize, then keep stand-out colors to a small wall for just a splash of color.
  • Backsplashes can also be used as the eye catching color while keeping the rest of the wall colors natural

However you decide to paint to match your newly refaced kitchen cabinets, remember that you will want to make the cabinets the main focal point of the kitchen. Then add in some popping color in other areas.