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Streamlining your Kitchen

The importance of finding and giving a place for everything as a rule of thumb for organization applies even to the kitchen. Kitchens can very easily get out of hand if a system is not in place to keep things in control. Defining spots for everything in the kitchen will make prepping, cooking, and cleaning much easier, and overall create a tidier atmosphere. Follow these suggestions and you will streamline your kitchen experience.

One of the easiest ways of creating a better space for organization is by adding drawer inserts. This doesn’t mean just for silverware either. Having everything grab and go for utensils, bowls, foil, jars, dried food, nets, and whatever else you may store in a drawer can make everything grab and use. If you do not have a lot of wall cabinets, caddies or a dowel system can work great for storing dishes. You can purchase drawer inserts that work with the dishwasher as well for easy cleaning and reuse.

You can also add drawer dividers instead of drawer inserts for bigger items, such as lids or oven glassware. By putting this divider in the front or the back of the drawer, you can have your pots in one part and the corresponding lids on the other side. No more awkward lid stacking anymore!  

Installing a narrow pull-out pantry for spices, oils, and vinegars can solve many of the problems a traditional spice cupboard struggles with. No longer will spices be hiding behind other spices or knocking them over while trying to get something from behind them. Keeping down clutter and creating easy access will make cooking much easier. Alternatively, you can buy tiered cabinet inserts that shows off all the spices at once, but you are trading that for less total space.

This same thin, pull-out design can also be used for cleaning supplies. Or if you have the space underneath your sink, having some drawers down there for all cleaning needs can save so many hassles and repurpose unused space. You can even install a pull-out waste bin if the space is available for you. So many options for putting everything out of site and in its place.

Open shelving can actually be a fantastic option if there is open wall space for it. Not everything in a kitchen has to be a cabinet! You can put many larger pieces in these open shelves, including a microwave, large or decorative pots and cookware, or often used nice looking dishes and glasses.

You don’t have to have everything installed or right in the kitchen either. Having a piece of furniture by the dining room holding dishes and glasses could be a great alternative to having everything right in the kitchen if space in the kitchen is an issue.

There are so many ways to reorganize your space for the more efficient cooking and living. No matter what you end up choosing, it’s a step in the right direction towards putting everything in its place.

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