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Dream your Kitchen into Reality

Is your kitchen the one that you have always been dreaming of? Do you wish it was better but just do not know where to start? It really comes down to just a few steps.

Start with the layout of the kitchen. Make it work for you and everything you need to do in the room. A kitchen will only be as good as the functionality of it.

There are five main kitchen designs that can be found in every home. They are triangle, zone, galley or corridor, L shape, and U shape.

Triangle layouts will make an imaginary line between the three main tools that are used in the kitchen, the stove, sink, and refrigerator. This line will make a triangle so that when a person is standing in the middle of it they will be able to get to everything they need easily.

Zone layouts divide the kitchen into the different work areas; cooking, eating and cleaning. Galley or corridor layout is best for long thin areas. The sink is on one side with the stove and refrigerator on the other side.

An L shape layout gives more privacy for cooking and forces people out of the kitchen. As the name suggests it is in an L shape and is used with the triangle layout most of the time.

The U shape layout is the kitchen design for storage because everything can be found within 180 degrees. It also works well with the triangle layout.

All these layouts will work well in any kitchen. They can also work together to make stunning kitchens. Find the layout that will work best for you and build your dream kitchen around it.