It's all in the Details

Shaker style cabinets are simple and clean-lined, driven by the ideals of practicality and plainness from the Shaker movement. This provides the versatility for modern, industrial, traditional, country, and contemporary motifs in your kitchen. While the doors are the main visual pieces, the knobs and handles are the details and accents that help bring out your aesthetic. Cabinet Cures can help you choose which style of hardware that works best with your kitchen style.

white shaker cabinet doors portland cabinet cures
blue cabinets with bin pulls portland cabinet cures

Nickel or Steel Knobs & Bin Pulls

Since this style of door is simple and plain, adding simple nickel or steel knobs help accentuate the vintage or modern style. This is a very common pairing seen in many kitchens, often paired with bin pulls on drawers. These types of hardware add a small bit of retro flair to your kitchen as they keep the overall style simple and clean. The knobs and pulls work best with inset cabinets with exposed hinges, industrial lighting, and stainless steel.

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Vintage Glass or Ceramic Knobs

This is another classical style choice for Shaker doors. The knobs create a pleasant vintage visual and are easy to use on a daily basis. They work well in black and white kitchens, stained wood doors, glass hutch cabinets, and subway tile.

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vintage pull cabinet handle portland cabinet cures

Vintage Pulls with Exposed Screws

Reminiscent to the vintage double-hung window hardware, it gives the kitchen more of an industrial or vintage feel. The different colors of the pulls (brass, nickel,  bronze) have their own unique aesthetics and qualities. They work well with stainless steel counter tops, farm sinks, industrial lighting, and commercial style appliances.

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tubular pull bars on black cabinet doors portland cabinet cures

Tubular Pull Bars

Tubular pull bars, also called barrel bars, add a modern touch to the vintage style Shaker doors. These bars are typically seen on flat-panel or slab doors, but still works well on the Shakers. The variety sizes, lengths, and colors provide you with endless choices to modernize your kitchen. The pull bars work best with modern pendant lighting, rectangular tiles, and long, skinny mosaic tiles.

flat pull bars on black cabinet doors portland cabinet cures

Flat Pull Bars

This style of pull bars come in many different lengths and finishes to provide a modern flair to your kitchen. These aid in a sleek, squared-off, and linear aesthetic for your contemporary or modern style. Flat pull bars work well with full-height glass backsplashes, dark or white Shaker doors, and square-edged stone or concrete countertops.

accented wire pulls on grey drawers portland cabinet cures

Accented Wire Pulls

The accented wire pulls go by many other names, but overall are wire pulls with decorative handles and details. Adding these to your kitchen will provide with a more traditional style, especially paired with crown moldings, decorative hood surrounds, bronze accents, and other decorative elements.

arced and footed pull bars portland cabinet cures

Arced & Footed Pull Bars

These pull bars are more of the classic style for the Shaker doors. There are also many different names and then tend to fall under the wire pull category. That being said, they are decorative enough to be considered traditional and not overpower the clean style of the Shaker. The pull bars work well with marble countertops and stone mosaic tile backsplashes.

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